August 4, 2015

150 Years of Penn State Creamery Ice Cream


While attending the annual Central PA Festival of the Arts
at Penn State University in State College, PA,
there was no question that we had to pit-stop 
for some ice cream refreshment at the Penn State Creamery booth.
After all, making ice cream is an art, isn't it?

Visiting the Creamery is a true blue (& white) PSU tradition; 
its ice cream is known and loved by alumni and visitors alike.
It had been a while since I'd had some, so I was a happy camper.

It just so happened that this year, The Creamery was celebrating a milestone birthday.
Milestone, indeed - to the "happy birthday to you" tune of 150 years!

A vote had gone out to declare an official b-day ice cream flavor.
The winner? "Birthday Cake," naturally.
"...a blue frosting swirl and frosted cookie freckles
inside a yellow cake batter ice cream base." 

I snapped a few photos, including our flavor choices.
And, yes, it was every lick as yummy as I'd remembered. 


"Peachy Paterno"


My choice: "Bittersweet Mint"


"Happy Happy Joy Joy"



The Berkey Creamery

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August 2, 2015

The Mid-century Art of Kerry Beary is Retro Fun!

Kerry Beary is a talented artist who creates 
fun, fabulous, retro paintings!
She highlights mid-century decor with
furnishings that some of you may recognize:
lighting, clocks, wallpaper, furniture, accessories.
You'll see ladies posed in retro fashions,
and of course, the feline friends she often features. 

In addition, Kerry is owner of The Atomic Pop Shop,
a gallery and record shop specializing in vinyl.
It's located at 2963 Government Street in Baton Rouge, LA.

Enjoy this assortment of Kerry's art.
Positively groovy.

Find more Kerry Beary here:

Images used with direct permission from Kerry Beary.

July 30, 2015

A Fun Afternoon at The Oval in Philadelphia


Join me for an afternoon at The Oval, a fun pop-up park in Philly! 
At what is known as Eakins Oval, it's located 
in the middle the Benjamin Franklin Parkway,
smack dab in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Covering 8 acres, its asphalt surface has been splashed with color,
a design called "Summer Kaleidoscope,"
courtesy of Jessie Unterhalter, Katey Truhn 
and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.
The design includes giant game boards for chess and checkers,
along with room for a beanbag toss, Jenga, ping pong & Connect Four.
There's also a sandbox and a water sprinkler feature.

Plenty of picnic tables are waiting for hungry folks 
to sit down and enjoy some yummy food truck fare.

A stage is set up for bands and movie nights.
There's a schedule with loads of planned activities.

You'll also see The Oval's Beer Garden, 
an outdoor hangout with inviting conversation niches.
Festive string lights and stacked Japanese lanterns hang above.

This is a seasonal park, so plan to visit soon!



Music by DARK was the terrific band who entertained us that day.
Find them on Facebook.




The Pie-Stand food truck.
Here they are on Facebook.


How about a cherry cheesecake pie, please?


The pop-up plastic crate decor of the beer garden
even has lounge chairs on which to recline and relax.
Design and plantings brought to you by Gale Nurseries, Inc.




July 28, 2015

Curated Color: Navy Blue

Oh, the many expressions of blue!
I'm blue in the face from talking about them.
As every blue-blood knows, a blue print is necessary.
And every once in a blue moon,
one finds a blue-ribbon collection of true blue examples
of the color blue.

Enjoy this edition of Curated Color,
this time celebrating navy blue!

Arnim Schulz



Taroni Silk


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July 26, 2015

Jim Bachor’s Marvelous Mosaic Potholes

Jim Bachor has brought loveliness to the streets of 
Chicago by filling in dreary pot holes with mosaic art!
Whether it's darling bouquets of flowers or yummy ice cream treats,
his work is surely bringing smiles to many!
Taking things from one extreme to the other, he spreads hope by
showing folks that something beautiful can be made from nothing.
A silver lining to that dark cloud.
An unexpected touch of something pretty to brighten the day.

Lots more mosaics on Jim's website
and Facebook page.

Images used with direct permission from Jim Bachor.