July 23, 2014

Live Succulent Jewelry!

Can you believe this fabulously clever idea?
 These pieces of jewelry are made with live succulent plants!
How's that for unique?
Susan McLeary creates them in Ann Arbor, Michigan,
through her business, Passionflower to Wear.
Each piece can be worn for 3-4 weeks,
and then the succulent plants can be gently removed and planted!

Find Passionflower to Wear on Etsy.

Images used with direct permission from Susan McLeary.

July 21, 2014

Fishs Eddy - New York, NY


We found a fabulous shop in NYC called Fishs Eddy! Their vision:
"Commercial quality dish and glassware with plenty of other things to make people smile."
And smile, we did, as we wandered up and down the aisles
to take in dinnerware, gadgets and linens with a fun spin!


Cake stands in terrific colors!


True vintage china~ American-made restaurant ware.


A super display of vintage mugs.
Random oil portraits like this one were scattered here and there.


A rainbow of colored American hand-pressed glassware
looked lively against the big window.


Nostalgic printed dish towels, some with a New York City theme.


A vintage eggbeater chandelier.




This "Brooklynese" line is what first attracted me to Fishs Eddy!


Please pass the buttah.


Colorful pressed glass dolls line up beside a huge bucket of marbles.


Those same dolls were the stars of the front window display!


Fishs Eddy is located at 889 Broadway at 19th Street, New York, NY.
Here's their website
and facebook page!


Bonus photo:
What a gorgeous selection of roses at a sidewalk stand!


July 18, 2014

The Relaxing Aromas of Lavender Lane & Co.


Oh, the scent of lavender!
Can you beat it for fresh, relaxing calm?

Lavender Lane & Co. captures that fragrance perfectly.
This family-run business consists of Denise,
her 4 daughters: Kristin, Marisa, Jaimie and Faith,
and Kristin's 2 daughters Abby and Mikaiya.

Each of the ladies has her own special talent to contribute,
be it computer skills or baking up lavender biscuits and cookies
for their popular open-houses!

What a treat for me to visit Kristin's home and to hear all about what they do!
She & Denise explained the particular uses of the many varieties of lavender.
There's even a white lavender - Kristin's favorite.


As I entered the home, I was greeted by that oh-so-lovely lavender fragrance!
Lavender Lane & Co. references Jeremiah 31:25:
"I'll refresh tired bodies; I'll restore tired souls."


Mikaiya is busy helping her Grammy prepare the aromatic mists.


Denise is especially knowledgeable and passionate about
the health benefits and healing properties of lavender.


Pretty labels at the ready.


There are 4 varieties of mists.
Besides Relax, which is just lavender,
Renew adds lemongrass & thyme to lavender,
Revive is lavender with grapefruit & sage, and
Reflect - the one I think I'll be trying next -
combines lavender, lime & rosemary!

I love spraying my Relax mist on my sheets
and pillowcase each night before bed!


Along with sprays, Lavender Lane & Co. creates
dryer bags, wands, sweet gift sets, and much more!


Charming sachets!


I stopped by Lavender Lane & Co.'s booth at the Playwicki Farmer's Market
held in Bucks County's Playwicki Park.


Here's one of their recent creations- bath salts!


Abby & Mikaiya love to help out at the Farmer's Market!


Three generations of Lavender Lane!
The girls are joined by their mom Kristin, and grandmother Denise.


"...whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."
-Proverbs 11: 25b

Visit Lavender Lane & Company online
at their blog, their Etsy shop,
and on Facebook!

Here's a link for the Playwicki Farm Farmer's Market,
which happens every Wednesday 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.,
June through October!

July 16, 2014

Layered Glass Wave Sculptures by Ben Young

Having grown up on the shore of New Zealand and now living in Sydney, Australia,
Ben Young enjoys a life that's always been centered around the ocean.
An avid surfer, he builds boats for a living.
It's easy to see, therefore, how he'd be inspired to 
"dive into" this artistic interpretation of waves!

Using sheets of glass, he cuts and layers them to perfection.
Ben is a self-taught artist, preferring to do all of his work without the use of a computer.

Now watch this video!


Ben's website is called Broken Liquid.
He's also on Facebook.

Images used with direct permission from Ben Young.

July 14, 2014

Eataly NYC


A favorite stop in New York City is Eataly, an Italian market extrordinaire!
Located at 200 5th Avenue, Eataly is quite the gastronomic experience!

Besides dining opportunities to taste superb Italian dishes,
Eataly offers the best quality available in cheeses, meats, breads and pasta.
You'll find decadent chocolates, robust coffees and rich sauces.
Aromatic olive oils, crusty Italian breads and lots of vino.

Become educated by taking one of their classes on Italian cuisine.
There's a huge selection of kitchen gadgets and gifts.
Since restaurateurs Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali are among the 
founders of Eataly, you'll see their books and products throughout.
It's an all-around fabulous place to visit!


A fantastic array of the freshest-of-fresh fruits and vegetables
under delightful basket-swagged canopies!


Perfect tomatoes. Jumbo artichokes.


Kale, dandelion, carrots and beets.


An exceptional selection of fresh mushrooms, including
oyster, shitake, lobster, wood ear, cremini and morel.


Airtight glass bottles in a rainbow of colors.


Vegetable soap from Tuscany by Alighiero Campostrini in scents like
orange & fennel, iris & cypress, and poppy & chili pepper!


Colorful serving pieces by Guzzini make plastic look chic.


Here's just one of the eating areas.
I enjoyed exquisite focaccia with creamy ricotta, squash & basil.


Oh, the cheeses!


Fresh, wild-caught fish.


Pasta made right before our eyes. 
And beneath the dome: fresh summer truffles.


See more at the Eataly
 Website and Facebook page.
"You are what you Eataly!"

There are 27 Eataly locations around the world:
10 in Italy, 13 in Japan, plus 1 each in
New York City, Chicago, Turkey and Dubai.

Bonus: A shot of the nearby triangular Flatiron Building, built in 1902.